Last night was a magickal evening with some intelligent and caring women at the Little Italy space!! This Women’s Circle was my first time one and I am absolutely inspired by last night. The power of the P ladies is a real, tangible phenomenon!

We started off with a light BOX style breathing. We talked about the benefits (listed below) of fire and Manipura chakra. One of my new favorite mudras.

BOX breathing method is an efficient way of creating heat in cold external temperatures or when warming up for asana practice or exercise.

BOX breathing—4 seconds inhale, 4 seconds hold at top, 4 second exhale.

Matangi Mudra activates and connects you with the third Chakra., Manipura chakra or Solar Plexus.

Practice of matangi mudra aligns and balances Solar Plexus.

This solar plexus chakra is situated at the top part of the stomach. Where the diaphragm meet the belly.

Color for solar plexus chakra: YELLOW

This third chakra is associated with FIRE. Which is why we focused inward with a silent opening mudra meditation to honor the masculine aspects of the Full Moon in Leo. This full moon, also known as Snow Moon occurred on 2/8/20.

Two days before and after a full moon are best days for ritual and grounding.

YOGA POSES for third chakra:

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Boat Pose

Twisting Asanas.

ESSENTIAL OILS for third chakra, Manipura Chakra.

Black Pepper






Manipura Mantra to recite when you wish. Preferably 3 times a day for 5-10mins each time.

“I have the power to choose what is best for me.”

“I am confident in myself.”

Matangi Mudra releases stress and strengthens the breathing cycle of the body. Matangi is referred to the ‘God of Inner Harmony’ and royal ruler ship. It is performs to be therapeutic for many health troubles.

Matangi Mudra strengthens the breathing rhythm around solar plexus and balances energy in this area. This mudra also soothes the hampered digestion process. People with high blood pressure should do this mudra in moderation.

Steps for Matangi Mudra
Matangi Mudra can be done when feeling low energy or low enthusiasm. This can be done as and when required or 3 times a day for 4 minutes each time.

Fold hands in front of the solar plexus (stomach area).

Now extend both middle fingers and join them at the tips.

Start breathing up to diaphragm and observe the solar plexus and breathing at a same time.

Direct attention to the breath in the stomach area.

This mudra is extremely useful for overall inner harmony of mind and body.

Benefits of Matangi Mudra:
Matangi Mudra basically serves to be effective practice for digestion. Apart from this, Matangi mudra helps to cure other traumatic diseases.

  1. Activates solar plexus and digestion.
  2. This mudra strengthens the breathing impulse in the solar plexus and balances the energies in this area.
  3. This mudra helps to induce the wood element which is the representation of new beginning and the earth element which is the representation of the intensity of life.
  4. Matangi mudra facilitates the heart, stomach, liver, duodenum, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and kidneys.
  5. This mudra calms down the heart and resolve inner tension.
  6. Practising this mudra helps to relieve vague pain and tension in the jaw.

OLIVIA guided us through a very soft and grounding, one hour Yoga Nidra practice. Which left me feeling soooo energized and pumped up!

We had warm water and chocolate after. Not to mention, one of the ladies, my dear cousin Enery brought her very own crystal charged elixir called DIvine Woman to share.


My love to you and yours always,


CHARGED UP INDEED. I can not wait to do this again!