Kyleen Kai Maciel - Bio photo

Kyleen “Kai” Maciel

San Diego Born, Kai specializes in Mysore Practicum as taught in KPJAYI in Mysore, India in traditional format and kids yoga.

Kai is an experienced and active kids yoga teacher.

Kyleen is an avid lover of travel, photography, music, dance and creative entrepreneurship & writing.

Her style in the yoga room, is strong and supportive, tailoring the practice to the individual is what she loves. Her teachings are rooted in ashtanga yoga origin. 4 trips to India, brought her to open Kai Yoga Flagship Studio space in East Village.

Teaching yoga asana full-time and providing a safe space for others is her ultimate work.

With over 10 years of fitness and yoga experience and practice, she welcomes you to the studio that has been 8 years in the making.
A dancer, since the young age of 7. And still dances to this day in her downtime.

Dance formats, include tap, jazz, ballet, Mexican folklore dance in her childhood. A career, exotic dancer.
Mindful and intuitive movement, such as, pilates and dance continue to be essential to her daily practice. In addition, to daily ashtanga practice.

Kyleen runs the morning ashtanga mysore program with Andre Harris. She teaches in studio private sessions daily. In addition, to kids and teen yoga and group classes.

Kyleen resides in East Village with her cat Mimi.

Andre Harris

Andre Harris

-Mysore Teacher-

Coming from a background of playing competitive sports from a young age, Andre was ready and accepted the physical challenges yoga had presented him. Soon after pursuing a regular yoga practice, he began to understand the struggle to balance competitive drive with respect for the body’s limits. Before long, he found peace, clarity, and stillness in his practice and is intrigued by the mind-body connection yoga has to offer. He believes yoga has a way of giving you what you want, but at the same time also what you need.

His style welcomes beginner and intermediate practitioners, offering challenges to those seeking to advance their practice. During class he focuses on proper alignment and mindfully syncing breathe with movement through creative flow and transition. His intention is to express his passion and gratitude for yoga and inspire the same in his students

 Tara Lauritsen

Tara Lauritsen

-Studio Manager & Teacher-

Tara was born and raised in Chicago, IL and has been a lover of movement since she was a child. Her whole life, she has been a student and teacher of a variety of dance disciplines including ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. Initially exposed to yoga through a GroupOn, she immediately felt at home in the heat and on her mat. She has found many similarities between yoga and dance, but she is drawn to yoga by what makes them different: nonjudgement, inclusivity, meditation, breath, and mindfulness. Attracted to yoga more than she had ever expected, she went on to receive her 200-hour RYT from Inner Fire Yoga in Madison, WI studying under the direction of Sandy Homburg.

Tara feels most herself while sharing her passion for health and wellness with adults and children through all types of movement/play and practicing mindfulness through breath work. Tara’s greatest value is the value of happiness – she believes that we are not happy when we are successful, but rather we become successful once we are happy. This core value shines when Tara is playing, teaching, learning, and practicing with others. Tara’s modern vinyasa classes will provide a safe space to explore the strength of the body, challenge the mind, encourage the breath, and build a community of togetherness. Her goal is to create flows that uplift, ground, and ultimately balance the body and mind.

Kai Yoga Teacher bio pic - Alison-Miller

Alison Miller

Alison’s yoga journey began in 2012 when she was pregnant with her second child. Amazed at how much better her body felt after prenatal classes, she immersed herself in the study of yoga and all of its offerings. Not long after the birth of her son she returned to classes and quickly found a home at her local Ashtanga studio. Alison has been practicing Mysore since 2014.

Since moving from Richmond, Virginia to San Diego, California in 2019, she has broadened her practice to include a wide range of styles including stand up paddleboard Yoga and aerial yoga. She is 200 HR RYT and a certified aerial instructor but Ashtanga still has her heart. She is passionate about sharing the practice that changed her life.

Alison is a sex educator and the owner of nationally acclaimed sex positive adult boutiques in Richmond, VA. She is also a writer and the editor-in-chief of Throats to the Sky Literary Magazine. She lives with her husband, two children, an entitled chihuahua, a reclusive snake, and eight chickens. For all of her projects, visit throatstothesky.com.

Kai Yoga Teacher bio pic - Kyle-Carpenter

Kyle Carpenter

Kyle is a RYT-200 who has studied under Sarah Haughton & Jared McCann. He is a student of many different types of movement modalities including hand-balancing and gymnastics strength training. This multi-faceted background allows his classes to be rooted in strength, mobility, and mindfulness. Kyle focuses on detailed cues and breathing techniques that help his students find a deeper connection to their body and practice. His belief is that students should come to class expecting a unique experience that is still rooted in the deep tradition of yoga.

Kai Yoga Teacher bio pic - Leilah-Saadi

Leilah Saadi

Leilah was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. She has played soccer her entire life and received a full scholarship to play 4 years at the University of Missouri at Rolla. Leilah graduated in 2013 as the captain of the women’s soccer team and a B.S. in Civil Engineering. After college, Leilah moved to Columbus, OH for her work and received a yoga teacher training certification in 2015 at a local yoga teacher. In 2017, Leilah moved to San Diego, CA for work and has lived here ever since.

Leilah’s yoga teaching style incorporates traditional vinyasa yoga and restorative postures for an optimal combination of work and recovery. Leilah has worked with all types of athletes from high school basketball players to competitive cross fitters. Her style of teaching is an artistic use of vinyasa style yoga that can be incorporated into any athlete’s routine. The movements and positions you will get into during her class are carefully selected to be helpful for extending flexibility in muscles that are overused in our daily lives and in a competitive atmosphere.

Kai Yoga - Yoga Teacher - Jerrelle Wilson

Jerrelle Wilson

My name is Jerrelle Wilson but I also go by Jerreal Flow. This name is symbol of not only how I teach but also how I live my life. I find it imperative to teach students the real things about yoga. As I teach students about alignment, breath and postures I also teach them about the flow of life inside and outside of class. As a black man who was raised playing football, running track and doing everything besides dynamic stretching, it surprised it me how much I loved yoga. Yoga has given me the opportunity to showcase that you can break the mold with consistency and dedication. I want to share the opportunity with the world.

I finished my first teacher training in 2015 at I AM YOGA Wellness in Turlock CA. It was here that I learned about hatha, vinyasa, restorative techniques and how in-depth yoga can be. I would soon move to San Diego and begin truly learning how to teach.

In 2018 I had the opportuinty to do a 300 hr teacher training in Bali, Indonesia. This training was immersive and taught me more about the subtleties of teaching and the differences between yoga and building a foundation on mobility and strength.

Combining all of these trainings over the years has given me a unique perspective on how to teach and apply it individually to each student. Thank you for allowing me to create a space for you to grow and connect with your breath, body and mind.

Henry Valecillos

Henry Valecillos

Henry entered the Yoga and bodywork World in the city of Caracas in 2001, after finishing his degree in business, he decides to go deeper in the studies of yoga, massage, healing, bodywork, and coaching, in the City of Honolulu, Hawaii, where he lived for 5 years. He learns different modalities, lomi lomi massage, deep tissue, rehabilitation bodywork, shiatsu and Thai massage. In 2007 he took his first Yoga teacher training at the Open Space Yoga This experience changed his life in such a way that he gave up everything he had in Hawaii to pursue adventure in the country where Yoga is originated India.
He lived in India for six months, where he visited many of the Ashrams. He learned about its culture, especially Yoga and Meditation. In 2010 He did the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in the city of Madurai, India. He also finished a professional Certification in Ayurveda and Aryu Yoga Massage and studied in Rasovai School in Morjin, Goa. He traveled all around India taking Yoga classes and learning more about Yoga. After India his love about bodywork took him to Thailand where he become a teacher of Thai Yoga massage. He travel to New York in 2013 he did many different workshops in the Jivamukti Yoga school of New York. Henry has taught classes and workshops all around Venezuela, Latin America, Spain and the United States. Henry teach Vinyasa Yoga, Basic Yoga, Core Yoga, Thai Yoga massage, hands on adjudments, Special Vinyasa classes with specific focus as inversions, heart opening, hips, flexibility, arm balance, handstands, chakras and Yoga philosophy. He is also a Certified Pilates instructor . Currently he Own Om Shanti Yoga in Tijuana teaches in differents Studios in San Diego.

Lindsey Roach

Lindsey Roach

Lindsey Roach is a certified sound healing and reiki practitioner who loves holding space for others to tap into their own vibrant inner light and heart song. She is passionate about creating cosmic sound experiences that journey deep and nurture awakening; trusting that all feelings and sensations surface and unfold exactly as intended for each listener. She joyfully guides others in quieting their mind and relaxing into their bodies, allowing them to shift into the expansiveness of the present moment through the power or vibration. She’s profoundly connected to her gongs and uses a wide variety of other instruments and tools to form a diverse and all-encompassing blanket of sound.

Jessica Cox bio photo

Jessica Cox

Jess started her Yoga journey in her hometown in the UK where she needed to release tension and stress from her shoulders and neck through many years in a desk job, as she began to learn more about the benefits of Yoga she soon fell in love with the practice and on moving to the states started her 500RYT training, learning concepts of Vinyasa, Yin & Power and gradually moving more towards Alignment based Hatha by bringing her passion of a strong slow flow with Yin and breath work.

In Jess’ classes you will be transported from daily life to your blissed out practice of self love and focus on breath work and body awareness. Bringing calm and peace to your body and mind while working out without realizing it! 😉
An Alignment geek by trade, you will engage your muscles though our practice and end with soothing resting poses to ensure recovery to enable more all over movement and flexibility.

Jess brings her fun personally, energy and calm to her classes, it’s an experience you want to be part of as every class is like a little event and she loves it!

Kai Yoga Teacher bio photo Trissa Stanton

Trissa Stanton

Trissa is a 500-hour trained yoga teacher rooted in the Ashtanga tradition who has been teaching since 2010. Initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, she quickly noticed the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physiological rewards yoga has to offer. When she discovered Ashtanga yoga, she truly realized the transformative power of a consistent, dedicated, daily yoga practice. Trissa continues to study with Natasha Teran to strengthen and develop her practice. In her classes, Trissa brings a light-heartedness and fun to the disciplined practice to connect with her students and challenge them while making the practice accessible to all levels. Her teaching style encourages proper breathing, stengthening mentally and physically, and use of proper technique to facilitate personal growth. Trissa emphasizes to her students to make yoga a daily practice so that they can find calm, even mind, realize their potential, and attempt to maintain that equanimous mind off their mats.