Casual Contortion

with Trissa Stanton

August 20, 2022

12:00pm – 2:00pm

Casual Contortion

This two-hour workshop will focus on strengthening and conditioning drills as well as flexibility exercises to prepare the body for deeper backbends and contortion postures. By building strength and control while intelligently opening the body, we will be able to safely explore more challenging and deeper flexibility positions. These contortion exercises can be applied to our yoga practice to make it more sustainable by developing improved body awareness and overall mobility.

Kai Yoga Teacher bio photo Trissa Stanton

Trissa Stanton

Trissa is a 500-hour trained yoga teacher rooted in the Ashtanga tradition who has been teaching since 2010. Initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, she quickly noticed the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physiological rewards yoga has to offer. When she discovered Ashtanga yoga, she truly realized the transformative power of a consistent, dedicated, daily yoga practice. Trissa continues to study with Natasha Teran to strengthen and develop her practice. In her classes, Trissa brings a light-heartedness and fun to the disciplined practice to connect with her students and challenge them while making the practice accessible to all levels. Her teaching style encourages proper breathing, stengthening mentally and physically, and use of proper technique to facilitate personal growth. Trissa emphasizes to her students to make yoga a daily practice so that they can find calm, even mind, realize their potential, and attempt to maintain that equanimous mind off their mats.