This class is a donation based class ($6 suggested cash donation) All Levels yoga, Suitable for ages 12 and up. 

This class is free to teens. Ages 12-18. 

Bob Steinberger has been certified since 2015 as a Bheemashakti Level 1 yoga instructor. He has been practicing yoga for five+ years after 35 years as a serious runner. (He dabbled in yoga in the 1970s while in college at the University of Florida.) Bob was looking for a new physical challenge after realizing that running wasn’t serving him anymore. Yoga was the answer. A fellow yogi told him he should try Bheemashakti yoga. He immediately realized the power of the practice. He looks forward to introducing other yogis to the power of Bheemashakti. 

Bheemashakti Yoga works seven dimensions of the body. They include leg dimension, back bend, hand stand, shoulder stand, forearm stand, spinal twist, and forward fold. There also are two mini dimensions: Leg behind the head and lotus. This yoga is unique. You don’t do poses, you do kriyas which are repetitive movements that help you become more flexible and strong. We also use Kapalbhati breathing while doing kriya movements. If you do other forms of yoga, martial arts, dance and other physical practices, Bheemashakti will help you achieve a higher level buy giving you strength, flexibility and balance.

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