Kids Workshop with Tara Lauritsen

December 4, 2021

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Our Kids Yoga Workshop will introduce the foundations of yoga to children. We will explore creativity with movement, meditation, breathing practices, relaxation, poses, and games. Now more than ever, children are disconnected through devices and the digital age; our workshop will provide a safe space for children to find a deep connection back to themselves and each other. All children will be seen, heard, and have the opportunity to share their experience with one another. We will instill the values of health, happiness, and harmony in our workshop by teaching children the importance of finding their center through uplifting joy and grounding mindfulness.

The workshop will include practicing breathing techniques together, learning fundamental yoga poses, testing out some fun balances, and ending with a mindful meditation as a group. All children are welcome in this space – come

Class will be taught by Tara Lauritsen, Modern Vinyasa & Kids Teacher

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 Tara Lauritsen

Tara Lauritsen

Tara was born and raised in Chicago, IL and has been a lover of movement since she was a child. Her whole life, she has been a student and teacher of a variety of dance disciplines including ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. Initially exposed to yoga through a GroupOn, she immediately felt at home in the heat and on her mat. She has found many similarities between yoga and dance, but she is drawn to yoga by what makes them different: nonjudgement, inclusivity, meditation, breath, and mindfulness. Attracted to yoga more than she had ever expected, she went on to receive her 200-hour RYT from Inner Fire Yoga in Madison, WI studying under the direction of Sandy Homburg.

Tara feels most herself while sharing her passion for health and wellness with adults and children through all types of movement/play and practicing mindfulness through breath work. Tara’s greatest value is the value of happiness – she believes that we are not happy when we are successful, but rather we become successful once we are happy. This core value shines when Tara is playing, teaching, learning, and practicing with others. Tara’s modern vinyasa classes will provide a safe space to explore the strength of the body, challenge the mind, encourage the breath, and build a community of togetherness. Her goal is to create flows that uplift, ground, and ultimately balance the body and mind.