At Kai Yoga, we are excited to offer small group classes. No corporate vibe to our Studio, we don’t sell any products at our Studio. We keep it simple. Being able to offer this intimate setting and one on one attention is what we enjoy the most. All we ask, is that you sign up online or reserve your mat space by texting or calling 619-767-0071. Call it the “speak easy” of yoga studios. We can’t wait to meet you.

Please note:  We love our studio cat Mimi, and we hope you embrace her as a fellow yogini as well. If you are allergic, our school might not be a good fit for you. Saturday 10am, Ashtanga Vinyasa class is located at Aire Urban Fitness (NOT at the Downtown Studio), at 1014 Fifth Avenue, Downtown 92101. Please call or text 619-767-0071 if you plan on attending or signing up for this Saturday  class.