About Kai-Yoga

DSC_0023At Kai Yoga we embrace Krishnamacharya’s and Sri. K Pathhabi Jois ashtanga vinyasa yoga system. We also found that weight training and cardio exercises greatly help your yoga practice grow. And for that reason, we offer Specialized One on One Personal Training. We are the speak-easy of yoga schools in Downtown. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive Ashtanga practice and fitness training without the fluff. Nestled away on the second floor of the Steele Building in the Gaslamp, you will find our beautiful loft style studio. With original hardwood floors and huge windows with tons of natural light. You’ll love our vibe. Never a corporate style studio. We keep it simple. We keep our focus on your practice and your fitness and lifestyle goals. A few things that makes us different, we don’t play music in our classes, we don’t sell retail products, and you won’t hear the Instructor refer to any of your “chakras” and you will not ever hear the words “heart opening” in our classes. No fluff is needed to have a consistent, genuine yoga practice. Actually we are strong believers in less fluff, less distraction. We are located on Sixth and Market. Parking is available on the street or a nearby structure. For more parking information, please visit: www.parkopedia.com. We believe optimal health is achieved through balance. Balanced attained when you challenge the body and mind.  Located at 529 Market St, Studio 2E, San Diego, CA 92101.

About Kai


beautyI’m born and raised in San Diego. I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. I’m NASM certified. Having extensive knowledge of the science behind fitness and anatomy has been greatly beneficial. However, my lifestyle was lacking the connection between physical and spiritual health. At this point, I began my journey to discovering the high vibrations associated with yoga. When I finished my first yoga practice, the intrinsic happiness and physical strength I experienced spoke for itself. Shortly after completing teacher training, I took the leap of spreading the yoga method on a professional scale.

I’m known to bust out yoga asanas (physical postures) in impromptu locations all over Downtown SD. May be seen at your local flower stand or bus stop in tripod headstand. What makes me happy? Vino, love, incense, tattoos, photography and the obvious -Ashtanga Yoga!